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Painting, Mixed Media Photography, Music, Poetry, and Video
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A Closer Look - Small Paintings by The Painters Group

I am excited to announce my first show with The Painters Group, affiliated with the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.  On display is “Flagrant Milkweed,” a mixed media photography piece.  Our show is at Art Central Gallery, located at 1329 Monterey Street, San Luis Obispo, and will be up from

7 June through 29 July 2019

New Work

Photographs from The Elfin ForestThe El Moro Elfin Forest in Los Osos, adjacent to the Morro Bay estuary, is a 90-acre natural area belonging to San Luis Obispo County Parks and California State Parks. Its plant communities include coastal brackish marsh, riparian woodland fringe, pygmy oak woodland, maritime chaparral, coastal dune scrub, and oak and manzanita complex.  The open space views are awe-inspiring, and the groves within the forest invoke a sense of mystery.


Please visit the Instrumental Compositions and Songs pages on this website for links to the SoundCloud website.  I have several compositions in the process of being recorded, engineered, and edited that I hope to post soon!

Poetry Music Videos

  Please visit the Poetry Videos page on this website for links to the Vimeo website.

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